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2024 brings exciting news for modular building! As lenders increasingly embrace modular construction, we at Connest are excited about it, delivering homes three times faster.

The Modular Method

In modular construction, we create parts of a home in a factory setting. This approach shields us from weather delays, allowing for faster assembly on-site. It's an efficient process that's catching the eye of many in the industry.

Why Lenders Favor Our Approach

Our method appeals to lenders for its speed and efficiency. We construct homes rapidly in controlled environments and assemble them quickly on-site. This results in homes being completed sooner, a crucial factor in today’s fast-paced real estate market.

Strength and Sustainability at Connest

Our homes aren't just built quickly; they're built to last and designed with the planet in mind. We use sturdy steel frames, ensuring durability. Our focus on energy efficiency aligns with environmental sustainability. Every step of the way, we maintain high standards of quality.

Weather-Resistant Building

One significant advantage of our modular approach is its resilience to weather-related delays. Building components indoors means that adverse weather doesn’t disrupt our timeline, ensuring projects stay on track.

Looking Ahead

Experts like Marcia Kaufman from Bayport Funding say modular construction is becoming more common. It’s especially good for places that need lots of new homes quickly. It saves money, is fast, and is good for the planet.

As 2024 progresses, modular construction is not just a trend – it’s a game-changer in affordable housing. We’re dedicated to innovating and refining our processes, delivering homes that meet the needs of today while looking after tomorrow.

Join the Modular Movement

With our efficient, sustainable, and quick construction methods, we’re shaping the future of housing. Stay updated with Connest as we continue to revolutionize home building.

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