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Everything Under Control

Experience unparalleled efficiency with Connest’s factory-built homes, delivered three times faster than traditional stick-built methods. Our process eliminates the unpredictability of weather conditions, labor shortages, and unreliable contractors, ensuring your project stays on track.

Predictable, Accurate, Dependable

With Connest, precision meets speed. Our methodical approach guarantees predictable outcomes, accurate timelines, and dependable results. We’re redefining construction with our steadfast commitment to meeting your project’s exact needs every time.

We Never Shut Down

Connest stands resilient against the unpredictable. We never shut down due to harsh weather, labor shortages, or contractor inconsistencies. Our robust construction process ensures continuous progress, keeping your project moving forward, no matter what.

Concrete Results

Say goodbye to the variables and uncertainties of traditional construction. Connest provides concrete results, not just promises. Our streamlined process minimizes contingencies and speculation, giving you solid outcomes you can count on.




2 story 2500 Sq Ft
Modern High End
3 bedroom
Single Family Home.


Multi Family Building
Consisting of 1000 Sq Ft
2-bedroom units
and 480 Sq Ft
1-bedroom units.


Apartment Building
Consisting of 280 Sq Ft
Studio units
and 560 Sq Ft
1-bedroom units.



Traditional stick building can be slow, expensive, and frustrating. That’s why We started Connest Modular Housing. With our purpose-built, Pre-Approved Modular Solutions, You Will be able to build 3 times faster in just 3 steps.

| 1

We BUILD, inspect, and QC Test your Mods at our facility.

At Connest Modular Housing, your home is precision-crafted in our high-tech facility, utilizing advanced technology, premium materials, and 100% steel frame for superior quality and durability. Each module endures stringent inspections and quality control testing, ensuring it surpasses industry standards. Our meticulous attention to detail rectifies potential issues pre-delivery, facilitating a seamless assembly at your location.

| 2

We Wrap, insure, and transport the Mods to your Location.

Post rigorous inspection and approval, your Title 24 Efficiency Certificated modular units are prepared for safe delivery, promising energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Ensuring peace of mind, each unit is protectively wrapped, fully insured, and delivered using our extensive logistics network. With Connest Modular Housing, you experience a seamless, worry-free process, as we handle all logistics, regardless of distance.

| 3

We Install the Mods, do the Finishing Touch-ups, and Deliver your Turnkey Homes. Enjoy!

Our skilled team meticulously assembles your HCD Certificated, state pre-approved home on-site.

We ensure perfection in every detail, adhering to rigorous quality standards.

Ultimately, we deliver your turnkey home, ready for immediate occupancy and enjoyment.



Building with Precision, Efficiency, and Security

Experience the seamless journey of  our high-quality construction, reliable delivery, and energy-efficient module

100% Steel Frame Structure:

Durability and quality combined for a resilient home.

Title 24 Efficiency:

Your future-proof, energy-saving solution for a greener living.

HCD Certified:

Assured premium quality, meeting stringent standards for a worry-free experience.

Transform your unused space into
a valuable asset with our ADUs

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