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But Is the Government Going Far Enough?

The Biden administration just rolled out the red carpet for a whopping $85 million in housing funds aimed at the so-called “barriers” to developing more affordable homes. This Wednesday, the big announcement came from none other than Vice President Kamala Harris alongside HUD’s Acting Secretary Adrianne Todman. Their grand plan? It’s called the Pathways to Removing Obstacles (PRO) to Housing program. Catchy, right?

They’re throwing money at 21 state and local governments. The goal? To tweak housing plans, shake up land use policies, and smooth over the permitting process. Sounds comprehensive, but let’s peel back the layers a bit.

So, the government wants to speed things up—streamline this, update that. But here’s the kicker: What if there was a solution that didn’t just rely on Uncle Sam’s slow and steady drip-feed of funds and policy tweaks? What if this solution was already at our fingertips, and it was faster, cheaper, and smarter than anything the feds are peddling?

Enter Modular Construction: The Real Game Changer

That’s right, modular construction. Now, why isn’t this the headline? Modular homes aren’t just buildings; they’re precision-engineered solutions to exactly these kinds of bureaucratic bottlenecks. Fast to build? Check. Cost-effective? Double check. Environmentally friendly? Triple check.

What’s More Affordable Than Modular?

Modular homes cut through the red tape like a hot knife through butter. While state and local governments are still busy updating their grand plans with that sweet federal cash, modular construction is already stacking floors. Why wait months (or years, let’s be real) for traditional construction to crawl along when a modular building can pop up in a fraction of the time?

The Full Force of Connest

And here’s where Connest steps into the spotlight. At Connest, we’re not just building homes; we’re crafting the future of living. Think about it—homes built with 100% steel frames, certified up the wazoo (HCD certificated, state pre-approved), all delivered 3x faster than those old-school stick-builds. It’s not just construction; it’s a revolution.

Why Settle for Less?

So, while the government pats itself on the back for its $85 million band-aid, Connest is out there turning blueprints into real homes. Homes that are built to last and ready to welcome families without the endless wait. Affordable, durable, and yes, actually available.

The next time someone talks to you about the housing crisis and government solutions, just ask them: Why not go modular? Why not go Connest? Because at Connest, we’re not just keeping up; we’re leading the way.