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Connest Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) – a swift, economic, and adaptable approach to augmenting your living space and property value. With Connest ADUs, you embark on a journey towards a better living experience that’s built three times faster, mirroring our ethos with Pre-Approved Modular Solutions.


Up to 3 Stories


SQFT Per Unit


Starting Price per SQFT


Whether you’re looking for a cozy retreat or a spacious haven, our ADU models cater to diverse needs with a promise of quality and rapid construction. Explore our models and find the perfect match for your lifestyle.

ADU Model 480

This model is a perfect fit for those seeking a minimalist yet comfortable living solution. With 480 square feet of thoughtfully designed space, the ADU Model 480 is an embodiment of efficiency and modern living. It’s an ideal choice for a home office, a personal studio, or a cozy guest house. Experience the blend of functionality and style with ADU Model 480, and transform your property into a versatile living haven.

ADU Model 960

Doubling the space, this model caters to those who desire roomier living quarters without compromising on sophistication. With 960 square feet of meticulously crafted space, the ADU Model 960 is perfect for multigenerational living or renting out for additional income. The extra space also opens up possibilities for a luxurious home office, an expansive studio, or a commodious guest house. Embrace the essence of spacious living with ADU Model 960, marking a statement of luxury and utility.

ADU 101

Here is your ultimate guide to Additional Dwelling Units. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about ADUs – from what they are, to their benefits, and the different types available.

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ADUs Pricing

Your reservation requires an initial $100 deposit to reserve a spot in our queue. Once your order is closer to production, you will have the opportunity to select your design choices and optional amenities.

*Please note, our homes do not include installation costs, shipping fees or taxes in the price

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Skip the Line &
have right-of-way

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Pull Permits

Received pre-approved
Submittal Package


Not Included

Fully Equipped Kitchen
Fire Sprinklers / Fire Alarms
Running Electricity
Exterior Facade (TBD)
Data and Telephone lines
Home Appliances
Air Conditioning
Cosmetic Roof
Water Heater
Smart Home System
Running Plumbing
Water Filtering System
Showers and Bathrooms
Finished Interior

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