Our modular apartments can be placed almost anywhere. We offer flexible foundation options depending on terrain conditions. Traditional concrete foundation for most flat areas, and alternative Multi Point Foundation system for buildings located on asphalt, unstable soils, and slight sloping grounds.


MULTI-POINT has been developed for any structure that is situated on weak, unstable, variable soils or in flood prone regions. By providing a rigid platform to build on, MULTI-POINT acts as a floating slab, so racking of the home and resulting damage to building is eliminated. This effectively extends building life and so maximizes the value of material used, reduces maintenance and insurance costs. Making it economical in terms of both

• Permafrost & unstable soil
• Structural beam framing can be included in foundation design
• Retrofits for existing foundation issues
• Home Relocation from problematic sites
• Minimal site preparation & can be placed on native soil
• Gravel pad and timber pads are not required In most circumstances

•Triodetic MPF system can accommodate any shape and design layout.
• The MPF is a perfect solution for sloped terrain & can be installed above or below grade. Initial and life cycle costs.
• No heavy equipment required
• Can be assembled with simple hand tools
• Compact shipping, shipped in crates to remote areas.
• Installation is undertaken by local labor.
• Designed as a floating slab
• Frame can be extended in any direction


Our container building can seat on any kind of foundation. For reliable foundation, concrete is often the best choice as it’s very strong, will last a long time, won’t move, and is impervious to damage from insects such as termites. It can also be reinforced with steel for additional strength.

Depending on the project we do our research to make sure offer our client the best options to choose based on the condition of the land and budget