What We Do

Connest is a collection of problem solvers and designers providing affordable housing solutions to government and private entities. We are an HCD certified manufacturer with DSA approved plans, and have a dealer’s license for us to do business and sell direct in California. With these state-level approvals, we have the flexibility on production and our preproduction plan check times are dramatically reduced.

From retrofitting standard shipping containers for multistory residential use to producing pre-designed modular home units, we strive ourselves in helping provide affordable prefab residential communities, while also reducing the housing strain.

Connest’s approach is to invest strategically on eliminating workflow inefficiencies, shorten the development cycle, and focus on producing our prefab communities to our forward thinking developer partners.

Why Choose US


Connest specializes in building multi-story residential apartment complexes, or Prefab Communities. From our studio, 1 bedroom, and ADA layouts, our pre-designed units offer the perfect combination of sophistication, tranquility, and sustainability in an unparalleled fashion.

What makes Connest unique is that we partner with manufacturers to build Prefab Communities that are ready to be occupied faster than ever before. Connest is a HCD certified manufacturer with DSA approved plans, and a dealer’s license for us to do business and sell direct in California.

The advantages of doing Prefab Communities:

• Decreased construction time in comparison of doing piecemeal units
• Independently engineered modules generally means higher quality and
stronger construction
• Increased construction quality and quality management
• Sustainable design, reduced environmental impact and waste
• Easily transportable

Most importantly, our Prefab Communities can help cities in California deal with critical housing shortages – with the potential of helping underserved communities such as the homeless and those who cannot afford housing.

Connest LLC is a licensed dealer, certified HCD approved manufacturer specializing and offering full service turnkey modular units from prefab residential communities, such as apartment complexes, multi-story residential developments, community recreational spaces, and office spaces.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled collaborative support, communication, and guidance for each client. We approach each project holistically as a designer, manufacturer, and seller of prefab communities. Each component, along with our dealer’s license, certified HCD, and DSA approved plans, makes Connest LLC stand above others in tackling our client’s needs.

In addition, we invest in showcasing our clients how cost saving building prefabricated communities are, how easy a construction project can be, and showcasing how we are committed in putting a serious dent in the housing crisis. We engage in helping government and private entities on
providing housing for those in need.

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